December 6th, 2020
Dear software and system reuse researchers, ICSR2020 authors, program committee members, steering committee members, keynote speakers, panelists, session chairs, and all of you, 207 attendees,

You have made ICSR2020 a success! Thank you very much

  1. 84 abstracts, about 60 full, in-scope submissions, from 19 countries, 5 continents
  2. 16 papers were accepted as full-length research papers, 2 as short papers, with an acceptance rate of 27% (30%)
  3. Proceedings published with Springer as a LNCS 12541, free of access for another 3 weeks
  4. A doctoral symposium, with four tracks: 1) “Becoming and being a researcher- what I wish someone would have told me when I started doing research”, by Prof. Carlo Ghezzi, 2) student presentations of their doctoral research, 3) a mentoring workshop for actual or prospective graduate students, and 4) a job fair to match offer and demand for grad. students positions
  5. Five tutorials covering various aspects of software reuse, from theoretical approches, to open source licensing, to practical tools
  6. Seven technical paper sessions
  7. Two keynotes, and a panel.

The full program is available here: https://whova.com/embedded/event/icsr_202011/?utc_source=ems

Conference highlights

Here are some of the conference highlights (unfortunately, we did not record everything):

  1. Opening statements from the chairs
    1. Welcome statement from General Chair, Hafedh Mili
    2. Welcome statement from PC co-chairs, Sihem Ben Sessi and Stéphane Ducasse
    3. Welcome statement from the tutorials & Workshops chair, Lamia Elabed Jilani
    1. Welcome statement from DS co-chairs, Chouki Tibermacine, Ali Ouni, and Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer.
  2. Research keynote by Dr. Marouane Kessentini, titled “Software Engineering Intelligence: Motivations, Foundations and Case Studies on Software Refactoring and Reuse
  3. Positions statements by panelists of the “Opportunities for Reuse and Opportunistic Reuse Practices: Trends and Challenges”
    1. Position statement by John Favaro, of Trust-IT, Italy
    2. Position statement by Tommi Mikkonen, of the University of Helsinki, Finland
    3. Position statement by Jean Pommier, of IBM Global Services, USA
    4. Position statement by Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai, of the University of Montpellier, France
    5. Position statement by Maja Vukovic, of IBM Research, USA
  4. Best paper awards finalists: three papers were nominated based on relevance, novelty, and presentation. We included those papers that received all accept recommendations, initially (i.e. before discussions), and at least one strong accept. The three finalists are:
  5. The Best Paper Award Winner is … (drum roll): Reusable Format Models for Threat Specification, Detection, and Treatment, by Quentin Rouland, Brahim Hamid, and Jason Jaskolka. Congratulations to all three!
  6. A very enlightening–and humorous–industrial keynote “Software Reverse Engineering in the Wild”, by Nicolas Anquetil.

A total of 207 attendees downloaded the whova app. The various sessions had anywhere between 40 and 65 simultaneous attendees, at any given point in time, asking great insightful questions!.

ICSR 2020 is Dead, Long-Live ICSR2022

Preparations for ICSR 2022 (June 2022) have already started! We will happy to announce the next conference site/organization, as soon as it is validated by the ICSR steering committee.

Keep up the great work, and stay healthy and happy; things are looking good!

Hafedh Mili, General Chair
Sihem Ben Sassi, PC co-Chai
Stéphane Ducasse, PC co-Chair
Lamia Labed, workshops and tutorials Chair
Chouki Tibermacine, publicity & doctoral symposium Chair

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